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…to the ChannelSUITE support wiki.


This wiki provides help and documentation on various aspects of the ChannelSUITE software. Note that not all ChannelSUITE customers have all the optional “modules” installed, and some installations have been customized, so your installation may be somewhat different than the system described here.

Hint: the Search box at the bottom of every wiki page is your friend.


  • ChannelSUITE FAQs – Frequenty asked questions about the features and usage of ChannelSUITE sotware
  • integration_docs – Integrate your ChannelSUITE system with your public website, with your internal CRM system, or with other systems
  • how-to-guides – Learn how to use channelSUITE to route leads to your partners and how to organize your partner recruiting efforts
  • Help Pages – Context-specific help pages that are linked from the ChannelSUITE interface

Live Technical Support

If you require technical assistance from a mostly-live humanoid, please contact Purplewire technical support

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