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The channelLEADS FAQ

Can I hook up web forms to channelLEADS?

Yes. See the public_website_integration section for the requirements.

What's a territory?

A territory is an attribute of a specific partner location, and describes the geographic area serviced by the location. Different locations' territories may overlap. Various optional methods of defining territories are available: by country, postal code, US state, etc. Territories may be assigned through the partner location edit screen.

How do I auto-route leads based on geography?

There are two potential ways to accomplish this:

  1. Autoroute by Territory
  2. Autoroute by Proximity

In the first approach, we ask “which partner location's defined territory includes this customer?”. In the second case, we ask “which partner locations are physically closest to this customer?” and route the lead accordingly.

For information on how to configure routing, see the channelleads_routing “how to” document

Will I be notified when I need to do something with this system?

Yes. The application sends an email notification when you are internally assigned a lead. Additionally, you can configure the system to CC you on lead notifications that are sent out to your associated partners.

Your system administrator controls which partners are “yours” via your “scope”.

How do I assign leads?

Leads may be assigned in 2 ways - either individually or via bulk assignment. For individual lead assignment, click on the lead ID, select the forwarding options at the top.

For bulk assignment, check off the leads on the list screen then use the forwarding tools at the bottom of that list page.

How do I get leads into the system?

There are three ways to get leads into the system.

  • Method 1: from the Lead List screen, click on the 'New Lead' button and fill out the lead details. This is appropriate for single lead entry.
  • Method 2: from the Lead List screen, click on the 'Bulk Import' button and upload your pre-existing XLS file. The tool allows you to map your fields against those expected, as well as, capture custom fields from your spreadsheet.
  • Method 3: automatically from your website inquiry forms. see public_website_integration for more info.
When a lead is manually inputted into the app via the ‘New Lead’ form, does it have a default assignment?

Yes, it is assigned to the inputting user in that case.

How can I tell if something in the application is editable?

Throughout the application there are explicit 'edit' links for the viewers use. Also, when a user performs a mouseover of an item and it is highlighted in yellow, this denotes that the field is editable/clickable.

What happens to leads that can't be auto-routed?

Unroutable direct-posted leads (e.g. leads that result from a web form submission) go to the default admin specified in the setup configuration. Unroutable bulk-uploaded leads are routed to the admin that performed the bulk upload.

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