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Partner Communication Center

Manage Contact List

List creation - the filters at the top of the page allow you to create a preview of your filtered contact list. This list will become usable for for export and email blast purposes once you name and save it.

View list - to view a list, you would select it from the Saved Lists dropdown. The filters that were chosen originally will be applied and a preview of the current version of the list will be displayed.

Please keep in mind - when you save a list, you are really saving the search criteria for that list - so when you access it later, you will be getting the most up to date version of the filter results.

Send Email Blast

The email blast is intended to send a quick email note out to a saved list. If you need to send an HTML email or manually edit the list (i.e. manually add/delete recipients) prior to sending, you should export your list and use it with an email client (Thunderbird, Outlook, for example) or an email list service (Constant Contact, for instance).


  • Can I embed graphics in my emails sent from the Communications Center? The system doesn't support embedded graphics or other advanced email features. However, you can export mailing lists that can be used with other email software with more capabilities.
  • Why are there no contacts showing up for a saved list? This is most likely due to a filter entry being changed or deleted. For example, if your saved list contained the Partner tag filter option of 'Gold', and that tag was changed to 'Premier', then your list would not return any entries. Should this case occur, you should create a new Contact list.
  • Why don't I see the send email blast option? Because you do not have the user permission “Send Email Blast”.
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