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Main Uses

The main uses are:

  1. Cost Per Lead (CPL) calculations in Quick Stats
  2. Lead routing based on Campaign
  3. Historical reference

CPL Calulations

For CPL calculations, the campaign budget figure is divided by the total lead count of that campaign. This yields a CPL that is then applied to the various counts of that report. You may edit the Budget amount within the campaign by clicking on that figure.

Campaign Lead Routing

For lead routing based on campaign, you will need to have assigned a partner location to each campaign. All leads that are associated with a campaign (done at bulk import or via individual assignment) will be sent to the specified partner location when campaign auto-routing is used.


  • How do I edit fields on the campaign screen? When you do a mouseover of an item and it is highlighted in yellow, it means that the field is editable/clickable. The campaign name, description, and budget are all editable by this method.
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