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Lead List

Filter Leads

The application provides a set of filters at the top of the list page. A couple selections of note are the:

  • Assigned to Channel
  • Kept Internally

Assigned to Channel allows you to view leads that have been sent out to partners - and you can specify whether to see leads assigned to all partners or just your own.

Kept Internally allows you to view leads that have come in but have either been held for internal action or have simply yet to be assigned to a partner. Once again you can specify whether to view just your own scope or the scope of all internal users.

Bulk Manipulation

After filtering, you may wish to take action on one or more leads of your list. To do this, you would check off the leads to manipulate then use the 'Action' dropdown found at the bottom of the page.

Bulk Import leads

For more on this topic, please go here.


  • I've accidentally DQ'd a bunch of leads. Is there any way I can bulk re-qualify? Yes - this action is available from the main lead list page. You would check off the leads you wished to qualify and select 'qualify' using the action drop down at the bottom.
  • After I check off some leads on page 1, then flip to page 2, I notice that the page 1 leads are no longer checked? Lead actions only apply to currently visible and selected leads. So after you select leads on one page, please take the necessary action and then move on to the next page.
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