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Quick Stats

By Disposition

Shows what happened to the leads that have come into the system.

By Feedback

Shows the tally/percentage of leads by lead feedback. Feedback is done by the partner who serviced the lead. As part of the process, the partner can say if the lead became a sale.

By Partner

Shows the feedback tally/percentage by partner breakout.

By Campaign

Shows the feedback tally by campaign. You can also see CPL (Cost Per Lead) calculations. This is based off of the budgeted cost of the campaign divided by the total number of leads. This value is then applied to the lead figures.

For all of the Quick Stats types, you may access the lead list that makes up that figure by clicking on it. For example, if you wanted to see the actual leads that Partner X marked as good, you would access the 'By Partner' report, and click on the number of 'Good Leads' on that partner's line. At the bottom of the report, the actual leads will be displayed.


  • For Feedback and Campaign Quick Stats that have the Sales column - why don’t the incoming lead totals (Assigned, Total Leads) equal the sum of the other columns? The sales count is independent of the other columns, and the leads that resulted in sales are already counted in one of the other columns.
  • On the Campaign Quick Stats tab - how are CPL values calculated? The Campaign Budget is divided by the total lead count for a CPL. This is value is then applied to Good and Sales counts of the campaign.
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